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 Students First

​We will ensure quality education for all our students enabling them to reach their full potential.​​​

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Hillcrest Academy was asked to participate in the Classroom Energy Diet Challenge (CEDC) and was selected as one of two schools in Canada to be filmed for the challenges. This mainly involved the  Grade 4 class.

Hillcrest plans on doing as many challenges as possible, but there are three that have been picked for television. This will air sometime in March or April- TBA. 

The main link is located here: 

Three challenges for filming are:   Green Innovations (The students made wormeries), Post-it (Students will use a variety of materials to create art encouraging people to become more energy aware) and Windy City (they will be travelling to a local wind farm and then comparing it to others in Canada).

All of these challenges pertain to the curriculum and are cross-curricular in nature.    Hillcrest is one of 7 schools in Nova Scotia that have signed up.

This March they are being filmed for the challenge of Post-it.  The McKay Library has graciously offered a community space for the after challenge display. 


  • List reasons why it is important to reduce energy use.
  • State methods of reducing energy use.
  • Determine appropriate language and designs to put on a poster to attract the attention of fellow students and teachers.
  • Creatively portray a message in visual form.

Hillcrest encourages other schools to become involved and sign up next year. The lessons and resources that are available are well written and extremely useful.  "It is an honour to represent Nova Scotia and the Tri-County Regional School Board in this endeavour", stated John McKay, teacher at Hillcrest Academy.

Port Maitland Student HonouredNew
Port Maitland Brynn.jpeg

Brynn Lowe, a Grade 6 student at Port Maitland Consolidated School in Yarmouth, was recently given the Nova Scotia Lieutenant Governor's Respectful Citizenship Award.

 When a school mate lost her home in a fire, Brynn mobilized her school community in fundraising to support the young girl’s family. Brynn organized school events, engaged with her community and took to social media – all in an effort to raise money for this family. Brynn was also instrumental in supporting her friend as she returned to school.

For further information, click HERE​. Great job, Brynn!
YCMHS 02 class experiements with glass engraving

On February 26th, the grade 10 O2 class at Yarmouth Consolidated Memorial High School experimented with glass engraving. Each student engraved a mug to be used as a thank you gift for special guests and presenters for the O2 program, and another mug for them to take home and keep as a souvenir.

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Any child who is 5 (five) years of age on or before December 31, 2015, is eligible to attend school in September 2015.

Prents are asked to contact their neighborhood school as soon as possible to pre-register any eligible children for school in September 2015.  Formal registrations will be conducted by the schools at a later date.

 It is the policy of the Tri-County Regional School Board that students will attend schools that service the area in which they live unless student transfers are permitted in accordance with established guidelines and procedures.  For further information on transfers and current boundaries, please contact your neighborhood school.

Parents as Career Coaches - High School Session

 Parents want their children to find happiness and success in life. One factor which influences happiness and success is career choice. Parents as Career Coaches emphasizes the importance of helping your children discover what their passions/interests are.  It will assist your children to identify occupations which might help them pursue their passions. Parents as Career Coaches also encourages parents and their children to consider the many practical factors that will impact career decisions, including, for example, skills, the labour market, and education and training opportunities.

Parents as Career Coaches provides you with

  • Information about what the career journey looks like, to help you deal with the many twists and turns that can occur.
  • Details of what employers are looking for in this new world of work to identify the skills and personal qualities students need to develop to be competitive in the work force. 
  • Information on where to find details on specific jobs, qualifications, opportunities, training, and financing.
  • A parent guide designed to help you work with your children throughout their career journey.
  • A student workbook, which provides your daughter or son with information and activities to:
    • Identify interests and skills
    • Research occupations

Upcoming Two Night Session:

Location:  St. Mary's Bay Academy

Dates:   Wednesday March 4th and Thursday March 5th 2015

Time:  6:30 – 9:00 (each evening)

You can register for an upcoming session at  If you do not have internet access or do not wish to register on the website, please contact the school office to add your name to the session list. (902-837-2340)


Is the program only for parents?

No, other adults in a child's life can take on the role of coach.  The role could be filled by foster parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, or others, who have close contact with the child.

What is the best time to begin helping my child with the career journey?

While it is never too late, there are great advantages in beginning to work with your child as soon as possible. In fact, we strongly encourage parents of grade 10 students to attend to allow more time for you and your child to review various career options.  The goal of starting as early as possible is to ensure that your child will make the best decisions in terms of course selection, education and training and career goals.  

Should I attend if my child already states he/she has a career goal?

Yes, it is just as important to attend a session when your child has a career goal. Parents as Career Coaches will provide both you and your child with the information you need to carefully examine the career goal and to ensure that it is the best choice for your child. Then you can support your child in planning the next steps toward that career goal. 

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